Maternity Pants | Deconstructing Maternity Pant Styles

Maternity Wear Pants from Ljb Maternity

There are a variety of maternity pants available and choosing the right one when you are pregnant can get very confusing so here is a collection of the top styles that we just love.

There are a couple of maternity options to choose from:

The Lower Waist– Just as it describes the maternity pant sit hipster style and can be one of the best pants to buy at the early stage of your pregnancy. This style can also carry you through your whole pregnancy and beyond. One of the best pants you can buy.

Mid Waist The maternity style pant sits a little bit higher and should fall just underneath your belly button. This style pregnancy pant gives you more coverage and support around your stomach. Although you may find depending on how you carry this pant is not the best option for you.


High Waisted This style pant does sit high up on the waist. They come up and over your pregnancy belly and will cover it completely normally finishing at just a little underneath your bra line. Now fashion wise it does look a bit old-fashioned. I mean who wear high waisted pants like that BUT depending on how you carry these pants might suit you better and it might feel more comfortable as well as giving you some cover. These maternity pants are the best to wear at the later stage of your pregnancy.

Choosing The Right Cut Of Pant
These pants styles come with different leg cuts like the boot cut and a  wide leg cut. What is the right cut to choose when pregnant? Well, stick to the leg cut the best suit your pre-pregnancy shape as a guide and then opt for more fashion pieces that season. At Ljb Maternity we offer a variety of leg cuts style that you can choose from, bootcut, 7/8 cut, straight leg and even wide leg. Our favourite style at the moment is our a beautiful and stylish maternity 7/8 pants, a must have for the season.

The Maternity Waistband Styles
The maternity waistband, always a favourite when talking about maternity clothes. These waistbands will be different from your pre-pregnancy pants and for some, you will need them.

Here is a list of the top styles that we just love.

The Fold Over WaisLjb-Maternity-Fold-Over-Maternity-Clothing-Panttband
The best choice at the 16weeks mark is a lower maternity pant with a fold over waistband is an easy transitional piece. This style will last you your whole pregnancy and is suitable to wear after the baby is born.

The Elastic Waistband
Another option is an elastic waist this will give you room to move and will stretch as your body grows.

Pull Over Waist
A high waisted pullover pant is the best maternity pant option if you are carrying low. It will suit your shape the best and will flatter your curves through your pregnancy. It may look odd and not so fashionable but it will be the style piece you will grow to love.

Expandable Waist
An expandable pant is one piece to purchase at the start of your pregnancy as the design of the waist and allows you to adjust as you grow while keeping to a modern silhouette.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in getting starting in choosing the perfect maternity pant for you pregnancy wear wardrobe.

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